Jeanine Brown
       English Department    English 28 class: Tuesday 3:45-6:55    E-Mail:   Office Hours: 3-3:45 Village Trailer 8310 B. & after class                                                                                              

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     Hi! ~ I have been teaching and tutoring for the Pierce College English Department since 1989.  I have taught English 101, 28, and 20 in the classroom and have tutored native speakers and ESL students on all assessed ability levels, both individually and in small group workshops.  


   I hold a BA in Psychology from the University of Kansas, an MA in English from Middlebury College in Vermont, and an MS in Education from USC. 

   If you are enrolled in my class and want help understanding weaknesses marked on your papers, an assessment of the errors surfacing in an initial section of a working draft (which inevitably repeat themselves and lower your grade), or feedback on other practice writing, please come in to see me during my above-listed office hours or visit the Center for Academic Success during their posted hours..       

   Sometimes you can simply drop by the Center for a tutoring session, while other times you may need an appointment.  You can make one by phone or in person during open hours.

 Personal Interests    
     A favorite mode of expression for me is writing songs, which I sing and play on piano and guitar.  I
have recorded some of them with players like Wayne Johnson (formerly guitarist with the Manhattan Transfer, his trio albums available on MCA and Polygram), Jimmy Johnson (bassist with James Taylor) and Michael Paulo (saxman with five solo albums on Warner Brothers and Noteworthy and formerly with Al Jarreau).  
If you're interested in hearing samples, place your cursor over the tallest iris in the garden photo above, a hotspot for several 1-minute MP3 clips on my CD media page.   :->  For a more linear method, you can use this orange link to get there:  MP3 Song Clips  

   Theater going is another big interest.  For final semester at Middlebury, I participated in the college's Shakespeare On the Page and Stage program, offered at Oxford University, in cooperation with the University, the Stratford Shakespeare Center and the Shakespeare Institute.  The experience sharpened my critical skills, and it offered a wonderful excuse for seeing nearly every major Shakespeare production on Stratford and London stages at the time.  I have also studied Shakespearean theater production and acting techniques at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in London.

   A key to building strong language skills is to read and write about subjects that intrigue you and engage your imagination, subjects that you care about!  Starting there will make studying your writing and the ways to improve it, easier and more interesting.  
   Give some thought to your own special interests, write about them, and come and share them with me, please, in the Writing Lab!