ENGLISH 102: College Reading and Composition II

UC:CSU 3 units



Professor Karin Garlepp Burns Faculty                                                                   Office 2503

E-mail: burnskg@piercecollege.edu                                                             Phone: 818/710-4325

Mailbox #20: College Services Building                              Office Hours: M-Th 9-9:30; F 9-12


Course Prerequisites

Completion of English 101 or its equivalent with a C or higher. Prerequisites must be verified before being added to this class. Follow a timely educational plan: under new LA Community College District (LACCD) policy, only 3 W’s or F’s are allowed. The total LACCD enrollment limit is 90 units.


Course Requirements

Attendance is required and participation is essential. Read the assigned works carefully before every meeting, and be prepared to discuss them. Homework on the readings is due daily.


Course Description

English 102 is designed to sharpen your understanding and appreciation of the great art of literature. It introduces you to literary vocabulary, traditions, and innovations, and it teaches you how to analyze literary works. We begin with poetry, build up on the skills of close reading with drama, then study short stories, and conclude with a short novel. No grammar is covered in this class, but it does count. If you need support, seek tutoring at the Center for Academic Success (see below) or see me. Rough drafts may also be submitted before an essay is due for review.


Grade breakdown

Note: grade is calculated on a 4.0 scale; pluses and minuses count in calculations

Poetry exam (15%)

Poetry essay 3-4 pages (10%)

Drama essay 5-6 pages (15%)

Fiction essay 6-7 pages (20%)

Final exam: drama/fiction (30%)

Homework & attendance (10%)


Required Textbook

Introduction to Literature: Pearson Custom Library. 2012 edition ONLY!

A copy is available on library reserve for two hour library use only


Center for academic success peer tutoring (CAS)


Course policies

1. Common courtesy is expected at all times: electronic devices must be off and put away during class.

2. Tardies and absences affect performance and course status. More than 2 absences by census week or 5 absences total results in automatic exclusion. It is the student’s responsibility to drop after the census.

3. The MLA style must be followed for essays to be accepted. Follow MLA guidelines with care.

4. Plagiarism is using others’ words, ideas, or work (including web sources) as your own without proper quotations or documentation. It results in failure of the paper and a fraud report to the Dean.

5. Late essays are accepted only one class after deadline, penalized one grade, then lapse to an "F."

6. Missed exams cannot be made up without valid documentation for date and time of test.