Questions / Comments that directly concern class and requirements in the class

In the following questions and or statements, I will endeavor to make it crystal clear - the expectations and requirements in the class.

The questions presented and answered below have been asked at least three times in at least two classes over the course of two semesters or more.  At that point they may get posted below if it is deemed useful.


I urge any student interested in any of my classes to read the questions/statements and comments below carefully. 


Table of Contents

  1. How do I figure out my grade?

  2. What are the general rules of the class?

  3. Are you as mean as you appear to be from the first class?

  4. Why do you yell when you lecture.  It scares me. 

  5. Why don't you put lecture presentations and class notes on the website?

  6. Why do you let students get away with so much?

  7. Can we please have our quiz when you say we will.  I studied hard for it and don't want to have to study twice.

  8. Tips on Note Taking?

  9. Open book tests, extra credit, reviews before quizzes? 

  10. Can I be bribed?

  11. Less of your opinion please

  12. You didn't feel like teaching it, so I didn't feel like learning it.

  13. The only reason I took this class was because I heard all your tests were take home!

  14. The tests are hard.  I think not a lot of people are learning much in this class.

  15. I think you should give us a study guide.  So we can learn more.

  16. Why are you so anal about being late to class!

  17. You are full of yourself and think you know everything!

  18. How do you feel about students who use Word or WP to produce their work and do not check the grammar using the MS Grammar Check?

  19. How do you feel about students who use a computer and write papers and do not use WORD. 

  20. How do you feel about students who sleep in your class?

  21. How do you feel about students who text or receive calls in your class?

  22. Students who leave early - What are your thoughts on them?

  23. Students who read in your class - material that is not required or requested by me.

  24. You quiz / test on material you did not lecture on!

  25. Is it my imagination or do many of these questions deal with behavioral issues and why are you doing this in college?

  26. What things don't you discuss in class

  27. What is the stupidest / dumbest thing a student handed in?

  28. Can you change my grade!

  29. I would like to discuss my grade and I want to do it NOW!

  30. Xenophobia?




Now, a couple comments from me.  The following are random thoughts.  Unfortunately, I cannot fit them into questions asked by students so, you get to have this section for my random thoughts about classes, school, and students.  I will add and modify these comments from time to time.




1. How do I figure out my grade?


This is not hard.

Look at your syllabus or find your class webpage and locate the online syllabus.  Review the syllabus and find the part that explains the grading system.  This was explained the first day of class so it should be a refresher when you find it.

It is usually broken up by ATTENDANCE, QUIZZES, ASSIGNMENTS, and FINAL. 

The following may be useful.  It is also located within the syllabus online for your class.



I do not enjoy assigning grades.  In fact, I do not review your overall grade until the last day possible.  It is the least enjoyable part of this job.  You can assist me greatly with this thankless task and keep track of your own grades.  If you do so, you will not need to ask me although you may at any time inquire and I will reply within a couple days.

I do not use attendance in ever class, but you should review your syllabus for details on percentages for each section.



How many days were you absent -  _____________   -  (permitted)   =  _____A______

How many days were you late     -  _____________                à          =  _____B______

A + B  =  C

C  X  (what percent will I deduct for each additional absence) = D

(The total possible - usually 10 to 20) – D = YOUR PERCENT POSSIBLE.

You can not go in the red.  Once you hit zero, you receive zero. 

If my roster shows you were not in attendance, you were not.  My roster is the final word and I will not negotiate on this point. 

Even if you never miss a class, it is possible you do not receive the full percentage points due to being late or failing to sign the roster.  I do not chase you down to sign, you need to ensure you have signed each day.. 



Figure out which is your lowest quiz grade and drop it.  In most cases, I drop the lowest quiz.  In classes where I do not give quizzes, I cannot drop the lowest quiz.  It is also possible in your class I will not drop a quiz, consult your syllabus.

Then, add up the remaining quizzes.  That gives you a number.  Now, add up the total possible score from those quizzes.  Divide your ACTUAL score by POSSIBLE score. 

(I have been known to do an attendance quiz.  That is - if you are present, I automatically give everyone a quiz score.  If you miss that day - this quiz may be dropped as your lowest.)

There are other ways to do this so do it whatever way you wish.  The whole numbers are always the same. 



#1:                    /

#2:                    /

#3:                    /

#4:                    /

#5:                    /

#6:                    /

#7:                    /

We may have fewer assignments or more.  Keep track.  Add up the total possible and divide by your score.  For winter/summer, we may or may not do any assignments.

You will always know your score / grade in the class at any given time if you keep track.  If you would like me to give you your grade in the class, you may email me and I should be able to get back to you within 72 hours with a grade.


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2. What are the general rules of the class?

Questions and or statements pertaining to the class (in no particular order):

 1. No cell phones: Means – no phone calls nor text messages sent or received.  No images taken, received, or sent.  Your cell phone must be put away and or off. 

If I find out you have taken any image of anything or anyone, I will reserve the right to demand the phone and have the image removed.  If need be, we will stop the class, wait for the image to be deleted, have someone else check the phone to verify, before we begin again.  That student who took the image will be asked to leave the class for up to two class periods.  See number 15. 

 2. If you would like to do well in the class, I strongly suggest you read the chapters.  If you do not wish to read the text, you will not do very well in the class.  It is always possible to read the chapter and not do well, but if you do not read the chapter I guarantee you will not do well.

 3.It is not my responsibility to review the chapter before a quiz.  It is your responsibility.  If I do review one chapter once it does not and will not constitute a requirement on my part to do it each time.

 4.  I may review a chapter, but that does not imply nor should you infer from that review that I will always review a chapter or provide notes / powerpoints.

 5.  The first day of class I may do an introduction Powerpoint.  I provide you with a syllabus.  I request the Receipt and Acknowledgment form signed and returned.  You acknowledge you have read and received all forms for the class, that you will abide by the requirements of the class and it is your responsibility to read the materials assigned before class.

 6. My opinion – generally my opinion is not important.  Everyone has an opinion and unless it relates to the specific topic under discussion, my opinion is irrelevant.  I will however offer my opinion on a number of subjects and topics – usually subjects of little to no serious consequence.  When I do offer an ‘opinion’ on the topic du jour, it will be as factual and supported by evidence.  Students take the class to hear what I have to say, not what you have to say.  We will listen, when you are respectful, but it is my class.

 7. A Debate class – no this class is not a debate class.  What discussion does occur, occurs with my consent and at any time I may withdraw my consent.  The exchange of ideas whether my providing you with information or other students interacting with the information and forming conclusions which may be beneficial to the class.  I will decide how long we discuss a point, when we stop, and what points we discuss.

 8. It is my class – not yours.  See #7.  I decide what we discuss and at what speed.  Your options are – stay in the class and in doing so you accept the requirements, or drop the class.  You do not have the option to complain that I run my class differently than you believe you would run a class.  You possess no such right.

 9. Write neater:  I heard what students had to say and changed to Powerpoint.  Very little writing on the boards.  I apologize in advance if what I do write is messy.

 10.  Quizzes: Multiple Choice or Take Home and typed.  The vast majority of quizzes are multiple choice.  I do reserve the right to change and give you a take-home quiz and this will serve as the proper notice given the fact you were directed to this site from the webpage and would be reasonably expected to look at materials related to the class.  Do not assume take-home quizzes are easier because you take them home.  They require more thought and effort to achieve a reasonable grade.  In part, because you have the time, text, notes, and any other resources at your disposal.

 11. Lectures organized – they are.  If you do not understand or recognize this fact, I have not been pellucid in my lecture.  They are very organized, perhaps containing more information than you need or want which might explain why they seem to you to be not organized.

 12.  Bluebooks turned in without names on them.  How will you know which one is yours?   You won’t and you don’t need to.  Everyone hands in a bluebook with no writing on the covers.  I will distribute a bluebook on the day of the exam.  40 people hand in a bluebook, 40 people receive a bluebook.  No problem.  Please do hand them in when requested - the LAST day of instruction.  If you don't we won't have enough.  Also, do hand them in when requested - the LAST day of instruction.  When you wait until the day of the final you slow down the process.  We have only the amount of time provided, we begin once everything is handed out. 

 13. Group work?  No.  Not on this plane of existence.

 14. 3x5 cards the first day of class:  On the first day or perhaps the second class period, I will most likely request that you fill out a 3x5 card with your name, email, high school, hobbies.  I take the cards and during the course of the semester/session, select randomly from the cards and speak to students.  I do this for several reasons: 1) by speaking to you and associating you with something on your card, I will learn your last name, and 2) using the seating chart and the 3x5 cards ensures my learning most of your last names.  That is only fair.  I did not appreciate instructors calling upon me as if I was an unknown, invisible body – I gave the instructor respect by addressing them properly and expect reciprocity in treatment.  I will provide that level of respect to you and ask the same from you in return.  NOTHING I read off the cards will be or is embarrassing.  If you do not wish to speak and believe this whole process a waste of time – drop the class and choose another.  It isn’t a waste and I would suggest you should not spend the next several years trying to remain invisible.  College will provide only what you put in.  That will be your choice.

15. No using your cell phones or other electronic equipment to send or receive messages during class.  If I speak to you once - that will constitute your warning.  If I notice that you are continuing with the text messaging, and must mention it a second time - you will lose 5% from your final class grade, for each time after the first warning. 


16.  In the end it is my class and my rules - you choose to take the class or not. If you do, you agree to the rules.  You do not - in a world of logical and rational people - get to tell me I should change rules or requirements because they are unfair or unclear. You were never forced to take this class - take another class with someone else regardless of whether the pro's outweigh the cons because I simply do not wish to deal with all the cons you bring to the class.  The majority of the students understand it is clear and fair - what a few self-indulgent children believe only detracts from the learning process, and according to the Syllabus, anyone who detracts from the learning process may be asked to leave.

17.  DO NOT CHAT IN MY CLASS.  I will not warn.  I will deduct 1% from your final grade each occasion/time I notice you talking.  In one day you could lose 5% from your final grade.  All depends on you.  Chatting = talking, laughing, joking, or otherwise communicating with your neighbors during lecture to the point where I notice and it disrupts the class in my opinion.  You may not receive a direct warning as the the subtraction from your grade.  This is the warning.



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3.  Are you as mean as you seem to be from the first day?



That depends entirely upon you.




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4. Why do you yell when you lecture.  It hurts my ears and scares me sometimes.

Why do you sleep when I lecture?  If I scare you, I would hate to have seen you a few years ago, at night, on your bed, under the covers, with a flashlight and nightlight on and the closet door open and light on in the closet.  Go back to sleep.

In the later portion of the Fall 2007 semester, an illness (cold/flu) caused some issues with my vocal cords necessitating my speaking softly.  The result was interesting in several classes - people went to sleep, chatted, stared into space, or strained to hear what was being said.  Unfortunately, the point is lost.



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5. Why don't you put class notes on the website and for that matter, why not the powerpoint lectures as well?


Western Civ classes have powerpoints for many chapters online.

World History classes have powerpoints for some chapters online.

I do have some notes and some review sheets online for 20th century US.

US History to 1867 has some chapters on powerpoint.


The benefit - you may print them off, take notes to supplement what I provide online.  With every benefit is a detriment - that students will rely upon what I provide them, become 'addicted' to me providing the lecture, the notes, the reviews - that they will do very little except hold their hands out to get everything done for them by the instructor.  This is very harmful to the student.  You may not even realize how problematic this can be, but it is, regardless of whether you understand it or not.


An alternate question asked - WHY are the powerpoints on the website NOT identical to the powerpoints shown in class?

The quick answer - BECAUSE.  No one said they had to be identical or as complete.

I am not required to put any online for you.  I put what I do, to be helpful.  I do not put the entire powerpoint online so that you are not required to take notes or read the text. 

If you have an issue with the completeness of the powerpoint online versus the one shown in class, stop using the powerpoints and try to take all the notes - they will be complete.




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6. Why do you let students get away with so much?

Do I?  I know very well how far students push the envelope.  It will not be pushed any further than I will allow.  I was not born yesterday, didn't just fall off a turnip truck - never fear, no one gets away with anything by the time the semester is over! 

I tend to treat students as adults, tell you what needs to be done and assume you will go off and do it.  I do give deadlines and most are very fair.  Then I sit back and watch as many times, students do not do their assignments, forget, or otherwise want to hand them in late. 

Human nature and it is quite funny to watch.  I know what will happen before most students even realize they didn't do their work. I provide my classes with the rope and let you behave as adults or not.   I will not intervene, but I will also not excuse.  I simply wait until you come to me with your story and say No.  Personal responsibility.  It is your responsibility to do the work, read the text or NOT.  Once you have chosen your path, the consequences are already clear.  Why then do people complain about the consequences if they already chose that path and those consequences?  The only answer I will suggest is - people like to whine.

As instructors we tolerate - make it simpler, don't whine.  It annoys people and really gets you noticed.  Do you really want to be noticed that much? 


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7.  Can we please have our test/quiz when you tell us we will have it.  I do not like studying twice for one test because others are not prepared.

There are a number of mitigating factors that may force me to change the date of the quiz.

Perhaps the reprographics people didn't copy it properly or forgot to or lost it  Perhaps like students, I had a difficult evening the night before the quiz and was unable to use my computer to create the quiz.  Students ask for many allowances.  I usually offer at least 1 or 2.  Be tolerant enough to do the same.

 If you studied for it you will NOT DO ANY WORSE IF WE WAIT ANOTHER 2 DAYS.  If you studied for the quiz, great.  if I postpone it for two days, the night before - spend 15 minutes and skim your notes and the chapter.  You are not trying to memorize, just re-familiarize your brain with the material.  It will automatically reappear when you see the questions.  Stop worrying and start learning.  Learning is not memorizing or regurgitating.  So start learning and make your academic experience something to remember.


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8.  Tips on note taking and typing our assignments?

I am not the best one to ask about note taking.  It is a skill and the more practice you get, the better you are at taking notes.  I am sorry i cannot help more on this issue.  If you are struggling and need help, all college campuses (Pierce, College of the Canyons) offer assistance in the Learning Center or Tutoring Center (different schools use different labels). 

Typing your assignment will result in a couple things happening. 1) I will read it. 2) it will be 4easier to read than handwritten scratch and consequently, the possibility your grade will be higher will also increase. 3) I will accept it.  I will not accept untyped work.

The college offers use of computers for students to do just this - type their papers.  Make use of the opportunity.


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9.  Open book tests? Extra credit? Review before the quiz?

A better question - why don't I take the quiz for you.  What part exactly do you play in your education?  You are responsible for reading the text, reviewing the notes, and studying.  Take an active role in your education and take part!  You may be surprised at the results.



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10.  Can I be bribed?

A million dollars will get your request heard, but I suspect it will cost you several millions of dollars more for the grade (We'll call this the 123 Affair).  Better use for your money would be - anything else!  My recommendation - if you have the money, hire a tutor and stay in school.

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11. Less of your personal opinion please?

First response - this is a joke.

A better statement would be for you to stick to the 'hard' sciences such as math and chemistry.  You will NEVER find any social science class with NO opinion.  As far as 'less' or 'more' it is subjective and ultimately, I decide.  If you do not 'like' it - drop the class and take something you will enjoy - like basket weaving.  I understand no opinions are offered in basket weaving.  Your real issue is with MY opinion.  Take another class. 

You may listen to me pontificate all class - some might call that lecturing, people who whine and like to complain will call it pontificating.  Is it my opinion or is it in fact?  If my facts differ from your opinion should I simply concede?  Not to a student who is taking their first or second year of college. 

Students pay to take the class and listen to me - what I have to say is far more important than anything that comes out of the mouth of a braggart in the class.  Call it pontificating if you will, but that's because it is my class and not yours.  If you don't like it on day 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 10, 11, 12, 13  drop the class.  You knew the rules, you read the syllabus, you saw and heard the first day of class/lecture, you signed the receipt - you knew everything about the class by day 2 and yet you remained just so you could complain at the end of the semester!!  It is not easy to find someone so dense that will remain despite the fact I pontificate. 

(You may also wish to visit the RANDOMEST webpage)



12. You didn't feel like teaching it, so I didn't feel like learning it.


On the first day I present a Powerpoint which states something to the effect that - even if I do not cover a topic in the chapter, you are responsible for the material.  On the Syllabus it says the same thing.  You sign a Receipt and Acknowledgment which acknowledges this fact.  Given the preceding facts - you were required to learn/read it or suffer the consequences of your failure to act.  Everything we do is a choice and you chose to not take an active part in learning and your grade will reflect this fact.



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13.  The ONLY reason I took your class was because I heard all your tests were take home.


I am sorry.  First, can you read.  Second, can you hear or do you have ear problems. Third, do you pay attention or do you have a disorder.  Fourth, were you present the first day of class when I very slowly and in great detail presented a Powerpoint covering the requirements - tests/quizzes, attendance, final, assignments?  Did you pay attention when I went through the syllabus page by page?  Did you return to me the Receipt and Acknowledgment stating you had read the Syllabus and understood the presentation on the first day?  If you did, I cannot understand where you believe the right exists to ask or state this position.  At what point did I ever indicate the quizzes were all take home?  Did I ever indicate they were?  If not, why did you remain in the class for the entire semester?


Update:  in a couple classes I am testing all quizzes as take home.  The person who complained took the class 2-3 semesters early!!

Likewise for statements about quizzes all online.  These are individual cases I did to determine whether I would use such methods again.  Because I did does not mean I am or will continue to.  That is my prerogative.




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14.   The tests are hard!, I think not a lot of people are learning much in the class.



You think not a lot are learning?  I am sure one person is not learning and has not learned very much. 


An important point to consider - those who say my classes are easy A's.


Now juxtapose them against those who claim the class / tests are hard.


Me thinks I am confused.




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15.   I think you should give us a study guide. So we can learn more.


You think?  I provide you with powerpoints.  I provide you with all study guides or reviews of chapters that have been created.  If I have not created them yet I cannot make them available.  But more importantly, where on earth did you get the idea that you were entitled to a study guide?  And what connection is there between YOU reading and YOU taking notes and YOU downloading the powerpoints and YOU doing the review if it is available and YOU studying and DOING WELL in the class?????????????  The answer, I think - a very close CONNECTION. 



16.   Late to Class.


We all have those days where nothing goes right and we get the ticket or end up in an accident or end up late to class.  Everyone can be late once or twice.  It is a common and usual event to occur - the world gets in our way and we end up late.  Once or twice ... not habitually.  On the webpage, under Syllabus for the particular class, I point out you must not be habitually late. Once or twice will not effect your grade, but making it a bad habit will.  You do not have a right to come late, to disrupt my class and other students.  That is simply not within any right defined to you by anything or anyone.  Getting up and walking out of class is equally as rude.  If you cannot behave like an adult, do not take my class.  If you cannot abide by the very few rules established for the classes, do not take my class.  If you do, I expect you to adhere to the requirements.   It is not your choice and when the rules are enforced, do not complain.  The syllabus makes it clear that I will determine what consequences exist for bad behavior. I determine what is disruptive, not you.  If you believe you are an adult and want to be treated as such - be on time, take notes, listen, and answer questions when spoken asked.  I do not believe that is too much to ask and if you believe it is - please please please please take another class.



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17.  You are full of yourself and think you know everything!



Is this a joke.  Seriously, think about the implications of this statement.


See #26 for the over 200 subjects I know nothing about!! 


18.  How do you feel about students who use Word or WP to produce their work and do not check the grammar using the MS Grammar Check?



Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Please use it.  So simple.  So quick.  It doesn't fix everything, but it usually catches the worst mistakes and offers you options to fix it.  Please use it.  Once I make you aware, in class on the first day - any papers handed in with significant grammar problems will lose points.  It is up to you.  By the 3rd assignment, if you are still handing in written work that has not been checked by the grammar check, you will lose 1/3 of a grade.




19.  How do you feel about students who use a computer and write papers and do not use WORD. 


Why? Why?  I understand, maybe you didn't buy the computer.  Maybe you prefer Word Perfect.  Whatever the reason, get over it and buy WORD by Microsoft.  The vast majority of the world uses Word, I use Word and when you send papers via email, I WILL NOT OPEN WORD PERFECT or any other contraption that is decades old or obsolete.  If I cannot open it, you NEVER SENT it and you will get ZERO.  Send whatever you send me, in a TXT file or a DOC file.  No Word Perfect.  No obsolete programs allowed.



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20.  How do you feel about students who sleep in your class?


If you sleep, what do you accomplish by coming to class?  Nothing.  You will say you are tired - work, or school issues.  So.  So, stay home and sleep, why come to my class and sleep. 


I reserve the right, each time I catch someone sleeping, to scratch their name or signature off the attendance roster thereby rendering them absent.  You are not present if you walk in the room, sit down and go to sleep.


(You may also wish to visit the RANDOMEST webpage)




21.  How do you feel about students who text or receive phone calls in your class?


If an emergency arises, the STUDENT MUST tell me before class begins. I am not responsible for you not receiving a call in my class, if you did not inform me in advance. 


I will take every action necessary to deter and prevent cell phones from ringing or text messages from being sent/received.


We all can forgot once to turn our phone off.  We all understand we make mistakes once.  I am not understanding time number two.


I will employ every resource possible to prevent the class from being disturbed by cell phones and text messages.


You possess NO right to have a cell phone on your person in my class.  None.


(You may also wish to visit the RANDOMEST webpage)



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22.  Students who leave early - your thoughts?


Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?   Doctors appointment, personal emergency, work?  You registered for your classes weeks, months in some cases, in advance.  You agreed to the terms when you signed up.  You do not get to arbitrarily change those terms in the middle or anytime during the semester.  You interrupt the class, create confusion, noise, annoy the instructor - because you have to go to work!  Well, stay home and go to work from home!  Yes, you will be penalized for not attending class, BUT you will not  be regarded as rude, lacking courtesy, or inconsiderate.  The class begins when it is scheduled to begin and it will end when it is scheduled to end.  If I take 50 minutes explaining why X is not Y, and begin the class 50 minutes in to the class time, so be it.  It will not be often and it will have relevance to the subject.  I do not discuss subject matter wholly unrelated to the subject/topic/class.  If I do take 10-15 minutes at the start of class for any reason other than the lecture material that does not mean you have a right to assume that the class begins 15 minutes after the scheduled time and begin showing up 15 minutes later.  You will be late and being late is an extremely inconsiderate act (there are reasonable excuses - the first 2-3 days of class when parking is almost impossible to find, during a snow/sleet/rain storm, children).   Again - everyone can be late or have to leave early once - we all have issues in our lives at various times.  Be considerate.


(You may also wish to visit the RANDOMEST webpage)



23.  Students who read in your class - material that is not required or requested by me


This answer is similar to the answer to question number 79.  Let's take this apart very simply.

First, whose class is it?

Who enrolled in that class?

Who makes the rules/conditions for this class?

Why did you show up to my class if you have an exam/quiz in another class later that you need to study for? 


So - if you are caught reading any material that is not required or requested for this class, I will warn you the first time but that means to put the book away and pay attention and never do it again.  If I catch you a second time, I will deduct 5% from your final grade in the class automatically and without any further warning or statement on the issue.


It is rude, inconsiderate, and not tolerated.

(You may also wish to visit the RANDOMEST webpage)



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24.  You quiz / test on material you did not lecture on!


Did you read the Syllabus?  Were you present the first day?  Did you watch and pay attention to the powerpoint during the first class?  If yes to each question, please refrain from demonstrating how well you did not pay attention.  If you missed any of the aforementioned, it was your responsibility, as made clear in the Receipt and Acknowledgement to find out policies and conditions in the class.  One of those policies/conditions involves testing and questions and how and where questions are taken from.  In the Syllabus I point out that quizzes could contain a certain percent of questions from lecture.  That percentage could and does vary between chapters.  I am under no requirement to ensure the questions on the quiz are all on the quiz.  I point out that all questions on the quiz are in the text and it would be very helpful if you read the text.  People who pose this question usually do / have not read.  That is their choice.


On average 70%+ of the questions on any given quiz are referenced and discussed in lecture.  If you rely on the powerpoints online and do not take notes then little if any of the questions will be found on the online powerpoints.  That is your problem.  Go to class, take notes, use the powerpoints that may be available as a tool, not a crutch.


(You may also wish to visit the RANDOMEST webpage)





25.  Is it my imagination or do many of these questions deal with behavioral issues and why are you doing this in college?


Why am I doing what?  It is not your imagination.  For 95% of students, all behavioral questions / statements could be erased and there would be no issue.  Unfortunately a generation of children have entered college who believe, like the Catholic Church at one time believed, the universe revolves around them.  



 (actually very old news)


It doesn't.  Get over yourself.



But for that percentage, I create a Syllabus, and this webpage, that deal with their problems, demands, and complaints. 


It is VERY unfortunate.  If you would like to thank that 5%, every 1 in 20 of you can thank them when you look in the mirror.




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26.  What things don't you discuss in class?


I will interpret this question the way I wish to interpret and answer accordingly.

In my classes we will not discuss:


- mechanics                                    - surfing

-anything mechanical                       - skating

- plants                                           - rollerblading

-botany                                          - light bulbs

-poetry                                           - book binding

-glass                                             - refrigeration

-science                                         - skateboarding

-architecture                                   - framing

-drywalling                                     - construction

-painting                                         - how to act (acting)

-gardening                                      - singing

-furniture manufacturing                   - cartoon programs (Family guy, Simpsons, and all others like them.)

- a few sports                                 - cooking shows

-electricity                                       - cars

-physics                                          - bikes

-astronomy                                     - boats

-swimming                                      - farming

-archery                                          - hunting

- cement                                          - windows

- tires                                              - guns

- animals                                         - clothing

- balancing checkbooks                   - inflation

- debt                                              - stagflation

- interest (as in interest on money)    - powers of ten

- energy drinks                                - fish

- planes                                           - weight loss

- conservation                                  - bird watching

- birthdays of anyone                        - food

- Foucault                                        - Zeitgeist

- Conspiracies                                 - Bigfoot

- Videos on conspiracies                  - Videos on Bigfoot or on videos about videos about Bigfoot

- bridges                                          - road construction

- adjusting dollar value of items        - how to refine oil and make gas

- processes for getting oil                 - various forms of metal processing

- insects                                          - knitting and embroidery

- crocheting                                     - sewing

- Opera                                           - classical music

- Rap/Hip Hop                                - Jazz

- rock / alternative                           - musicians

- clubs                                            - algebra

- ANY math                                   - Any language but English

- geology                                        - archeology

- firefighting                                    - chemistry

- ships/boats                                   - jet ski

- bowling                                        - anatomy

- anthropology                                - accounting

- sign language                                - biology

- dance                                           - drafting

- meteorology                                 - oceanography

- nursing                                         - medical

- photography                                 - engineering

- nuclear stuff                                  - welding

- veterinary stuff                               - drums or any musical instrument

- Vegas                                           - Poker

- gambling                                       - video games

- gaming of any kind                        - nothing to do with agriculture

- concerts                                        - personal

- dogs / cats / rats or other pets        - state capitals

- diets                                             - plumbing

- window fashions                           - aquaducts

- hotels                                            -landscaping

- airlines                                           - trains

- air currents                                    - ocean currents

- fortune cookies                              - French singers  

- temperature inversion                     - wind patterns

- rental car companies                      - marinara sauce

- beads                                            - license plate manufacturing

- dry cleaning                                   - tree trimming

- solar panels                                   - vegetable oil and its uses in automobiles

- kangaroos                                     - Russian, German, French, English, Dutch composers or artists

- crocodiles / alligators                     - Kazakhstan or most other STAN countries

- Pre-Xia dynasty                            - sheep herding

- Animal husbandry                          - libraries

- manufacture of paper                     - Micronesia

- children's car seats                         - roofing

- shopping                                        - Origin of Backgammon

- origin of any card game                  - Chickens

- dvd, hd, blue ray                            - Try to avoid conspiracies

- accidents                                        - sign language

- octane levels in gas                         - A&F

- fog                                                 - flower pots

- Ikea                                               - Chinese swimmers

- French architecture                         - stereo units

- flat feet                                            - kidney disease

- renal failure                                     - where I live / family

- diamonds                                        - taxis

- ghosts                                             - french food

- sharks                                            - octopus

- pools                                              - trees (general details about trees)

- dentists / dental                                - tree houses / bird houses

- hunting                                             - skeet shooting

- tires                                                - Apple computers

- IPODs                                             - Family Guy / Simpsons / South Park

- Dexter                                             - Californication - Showtime

- Any architecture                               - giants

- Anything about Vanatu                      - how the ship gets in the bottle

- glass blowing                                     - birds

- insects                                               - animals

- how to make glasses                          - why the French are worth respecting

- magic                                                - roller skates / ice skates

- romance/western novels                    -  lacrosse

- pipe fitting                                         -  glass blowing

- telephone repair                                 -  tree trimming

- BBQs                                                -  the language of Vanatu

- why A/C is better than D/C                - windows and glass in windows

- types of wood best for making a desk - What F Stop on a camera means

- best materail to make surf board           - best tires for a vehicle

- why cell phones cause tumors              - the best cell phone carriers

- Bilderbergers                                       - Trilateralists

- Council on Foreign Relations               - European fashion

- Reindeer                                              - Minks and other carnivorous rodent creatures

- bit torrents                                           - running shoes

- windows                                             - polymer

- scarecrows                                         - Michael Jackson

- Middle Earth and anything that pertains to anyone or anything inside earth

- why object float or sink / weight / aircraft / or anything that flys

- which food is better than the rest

- why a spoon will stick to your nose if you put it on your nose

- why you have to wait an hour after eating before you swim

- why and how the light comes on in your gas tank when you have 1 gallon or less

- how electronic equipment/instruments talk top each other when they are wireless

- Why we use green, yellow and red for stop lights

- Why we grow or get older

- Who decided inside walls, made from drywall, should be rough and why use drywall (this is different than simply discussing drywall)

- Why Hieronymus Bosch is not discussed more in art classes

- How much rain is enough

- Why some people like fire

- Why it seems every time I get on the freeway and need to go somewhere, people drive slowly, and they do so in packs so as to prevent me from getting ahead of the pack.

- Why people who cannot and do not speak English, and more importantly cannot read English well, get to drive cars on our freeways.

- Why employers do not require the best from their employees and instead accept the lowest standard of work performance and then call that excellence.

- quarks

- marbles

- ping pong

- bicycles

- cold fusion

- dimensional travel

- horses




(I will add more as I remember what I don't know)



It is quite a LONG LIST as you can tell.  LOTS of subjects I will NOT discuss.  LOTS - over 253 different subjects I will never discuss.


And the reason is quite simple, why we will not discuss any of the above - BECAUSE I know NOTHING about it and or do not wish to discuss the subject.  I am ignorant on all of the above.  I know NOTHING.  Nothing or LESS THAN NOTHING or do not wish to discuss the subject.  I admit I know nothing about quite a few subjects!!!

HOWEVER - what I do talk about, I am very knowledgeable about, or I won't talk about it.  That's the magic of this.  All that stuff listed above - I won't talk about even if you want to.  The stuff I do talk about - I know what I am talking about.

Now - do I think I know everything about everything?

Clearly not.




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27.  What is the stupidest / dumbest thing a student handed in?


Not even printable.



28.  Can you change my grade!


Many students believe they deserve a/n (fill in the space).  If your quiz scores come out to a B and your assignments come out to a B and you missed 1-2 classes more than was permissible according to the syllabus, and you scored a B on the final - I am at a loss, seriously, to understand why you may believe you deserve an A.

And why do you believe that after you have had the opportunity to get the grade you deserve, and you didn't - that I should allow extra work.  My semester is done when I finish grading.  I do not understand why you might believe I want to spend more time grading, to help you get a better grade you chose not to get during the semester.

Grades are not negotiable.  You earned the grade you received.  I do not appreciate being badgered about grades.  I do not like giving anyone a low grade, regardless of who they are.  It is very difficult for me to do so, BUT once I do, there is no need to badger me.  That is unfair, and outside the limits of reasonable behavior.  The time to do well is the 15-16 weeks of school.  Study, read, attend class, hand in work ... and if you do, then you will do well.  If I look at quiz grades and they are all D (or all C).  Why should I consider a higher grade.  What 3-4 grades all the same says is - you did nothing more on the last quiz than you did on the first, but you want something from me for putting in little effort in my class.

This has nothing to do with your job or family - if you cannot put the time into the class, you should not take the class.  I am not difficult, but do not believe that simply because I am not as strict as some people may be, that I allow you to write an exam on your intuitive understanding of a question and pass the exam.  Not going to happen.  And when it does not happen, please do not whine about wanting to do a paper for me.  I have read enough of what you have written and do not have the time nor desire to read more.  

It is also quite ironic that you could not and did not put in 10-15 more hours studying, but suddenly, when you see your final grade, you are willing to write a paper and invest 20-30 hours writing the 15 page paper.  Amazing.  But the answer is still NO.


29. I would like to discuss my grade and I want to do it NOW!

Good for you.  Glad to know.  I spend at the very least 8 minutes computing each of your grades - once everything is included and added to the sheets I use.  8 minutes to calculate each grade X however many students - anywhere from 100 to 150.  That comes out to about 20 hours of calculations.  Many of them requiring more than 8 minutes on average, due to some consideration not included on the initial grade sheets.  When I am finished grading and assigning grades, I tend to wait until the last day possible to post the grades - the reason: because I don't enjoy being emailed within 30 seconds of posting grades requesting me to change the grade and tell them why they received the grade they did.  On average it takes 5-7 minutes to type out the explanation.  It takes several minutes to find the class, the person, and the numbers, along with the final exam, the bluebook, and the scantron to review.  Total - at least 20 minutes.  Now what if 100 people wanted me to review their grades and explain why they received the grade they did.  20 X 100 = 33 hours.

Considering some students are not willing to put 10 hours into the class over the course of a semester, they believe I am obligated to spend 30 hours of my personal time addressing questions that should be clear to anyone who keeps track of their own grades. 

Do mistakes happen - ABSOLUTELY.  I have found 1-2 of those of the hundred or so students who have asked me to explain why they received the grade they did.

If it is a mistake - I WILL correct it and I will admit it was my mistake.  I am more than willing to admit to making a mistake. 

HOWEVER - When I finish grading / post the grades / or turn them in to the college - I will NOT answer your emails about grades for 7-10 days AFTER the grading process.

After the 7-10 days, I will answer your email, and will review your question and will reply.

You will inform me how crucial the grade is to your life - everything hangs in the balance.  Your admittance to UCLA will be revoked, you will lose your financial aid, your apartment lease will be cancelled, and you will lose your job.  Talk about pressure.  I would think, given all that pressure, you would have ensured that you spent the required 3-4 hours per week studying for the class.  If you spent 4 hours each week on my class material, it is highly unlikely you would receive a poor grade.  Therefore, do not attempt to create a threshold of necessity to your grade change that does not exist and is not my responsibility.  If it is my mistake, I can assure you - you will NOT lose your UCLA admission, nor your financial aid, nor anything else.  Even if I wait 10 days.  Until that time, give me some time.

Thank you.


30.  There's seems to be an underlying current of xenophobia in class, against any culture that doesn't think 'American'. Surprising, especially in a history class.


Definition:  Intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries.

Wrong.  I have NO fear of other people, nor are any of my motives or values irrational.  Surprising given this is a history class. 

If you believe this to be the case, unfortunately you are unable to discern between values.  I provide more than enough examples for every statement I make.  You may also, provide examples.