Welcome to Microbiology 20 at Pierce College!

If you are here, I am guessing that you are either signed up for Microbiology or are interested in adding this course.   There are a few things to consider before the semester begins.


First of all, are you also currently enrolled in Physiology?  Our recommendation is that you do not take these two classes at the same time, since they require a lot of study time.   In fact, we recommend that you take Physiology first.  Many students like to take as many classes at once to apply to a program as soon as possible.  However, think carefully.  Grades count, and also attempts ("W"s).  The LACCD schools now have strict requirements on attempts, so maximize your chances by doing the best that you can and not taking them at the same time.

Next, are you a pre-nursing/pre-physician's assistant/pre-health student looking to fulfill your pre-requisite courses to apply to a specific program?  If so, make sure that Microbiology 20 is the correct course for you.  In many cases it is, however, we also offer Microbiology 1, which has an extra lab component that some programs require.   Check to make sure!


Adding Microbiology 20

If you are interested in taking Micro 20, first try to add it online if a space becomes available.  If you find that you still cannot add by the first day of class, show up on time on the first day of class.  I will have you sign up on a list where I then draw names randomly and generate a list of eligible students on an add
"waitlist".  Then if I have any drops I can add students in the order in which the names are drawn, if I have any student drop the course.  I may or may not be able to add students via an add form the first day of class or thereafter (depending on attendance of enrolled students).