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Published: February 22, 2019 0 0 622
By: David Schamus, Pepperdine University
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Hello and welcome to Pierce College. I am the lead instructor for the Cisco Networking Academy Program and part of the team for the Associate's Degree in Cloud and Networking Technologies. Here's a very brief bio:

Prior to joining Pierce I had more than 20 years of experience combining implementation consulting and training. I started with a 4-user network in 1988 and eventually was teaching router, switch and network testing to organizations like Cisco, Verizon, Juniper, Extreme, and even the national telecom of Poland.

Certificate in real estate from Glendale Community College
Bachelor's degree in Business Management from UoP
Master's degree in Education with a major in Educational Technology from Pepperdine University.

I love playing guitar and bass with friends in a "classic rock" and "blues" band. I love photography. I love hiking and cycling. I love hanging out with friends and going to concerts. But mostly, I love the kindest, most loving, caring woman I know; -- my wife. Life is good :)