Effects of Semantics on Comprehension of Syntax
Like Diane Levine

Effects of Semantics on Comprehension of Syntax

Effects of Semantics on Comprehension of Syntax


Published: October 16, 2018 0 0 364
By: Diane Levine, California State University-Northridge
Category: Anthropology
Hashtags: #anthropology #Language #languageacquisition #Linguistics #socialsciences

The Effects of Semantics on the Comprehension of Syntax: A Further Inquiry into Language Development in Children from 5 to 10.

This study replicates two experiments designed by Carol Chomsky (see The Acquistition of Syntax in Children rom 5 to 10) to test the understanding of certain complex syntactic structures. It also includes two experiments in which the test sentences are similar in structure to those of Chomsky's, but deliberately loaded with semantic clues. The purpose is the compare the child's response to both kinds of tests and examine how the incluson of semantic clues affect the child's understanding of the syntax. The two types of constructions considered here are complex sentences with the verbs promise and tell in the main clause, and complex sentences with pronominalization in one of the clauses.


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