CoSci 553

Introduction to Web Page Development



New Perspectives on HTML, XHTML, and Dynamic HTML, Comprehensive, 4th Edition  ISBN: 9781423925439


by Patrick Carey. Course Technology



Phil Gompertz,



Grading is on an absolute scale of >90%=A, >80%=B, >70%=C, >60%=D, <60%=F




1 Project, 200 points



1 Midterm Examination (No makeups)



1 Final Examination (No makeups)







Students are expected to do their own work on all class assignments and examinations. Any student that violates this rule may be given a failing grade in the class. Attendance is very important and will have a bearing on your final grade. After the census date, attendance will no longer be taken. Students are responsible for dropping the course after that date. Students are expected to take all quizzes and exams on the dates scheduled and turn in assignments on the dates due.

Course Description


This course introduces students to the fast growing and rapidly changing world of client-side web site development. Students will become proficient with all aspects of HTML, XHTML and DHTML programming including the ability to develop JavaScript routines for adding dynamic layouts, special effects, and window events.

Objectives of the Course

  • To learn the fundamental elements of web document design and development including:
    • Web Browser similarities and differences
    • Designing Web documents for a variety of browsers
    • Color and graphics considerations
    • Exploration and implementation of the HTML 4.x specification
    • Exploration and implementation of the current JavaScript specification
    • Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
    • Other topics as time allows

Student Outcomes

  • By the end of the semester, a student will be able to:
    • Create a set of web pages that constitute a small web site
    • Determine Web Browser similarities and differences and create Web Documents accordingly
    • Design Web documents using appropriate Color and graphics considerations
    • Create and implementation web documents based on the current W3C HTML specification
    • Create and implementation web documents based on the current JavaScript specification
    • Create web documents using the current Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) specification


Class notes (due dates, test dates, etc…)


Topics covered and Homework Assignments

In addition to the final project, the following chapter assignments will be due (in 3 lab packets):

Chapter 1

Introductions. Developing a Web Page.  

Assignment: Tutorial & Review

Chapter 2

Developing a Basic Web Site. 

Assignment: Tutorial & Review

Chapter 3

Working with cascading style sheets.  

Assignment: Tutorial & Review

Chapter 4

Creating Special Effects with CSS

Assignment: Tutorial & Review

Chapter 5

Working with Web Tables.

Assignment: Tutorial & Review

Chapter 6

Working with Web Forms

Assignment: Tutorial & Review

Chapter 7

Working with Multimedia

Assignment: Tutorial & Review

Chapter 9

Working with XHTML

Assignment: Tutorial & Review

Chapters 10-16

Programming with Javascript

Assignment: TBA (as time permits)

Additional Topics

Intro to Dreamweaver

Additional chapters & assignments may be assigned if time permits.  You will be given enough notice to complete them.