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Assignment: The purpose of these questions is to familiarize you with the organization of the Constitution and some specific provisions within it.  Refer to the Constitution in the Cummings/Wise text (Appendix A-4, and Chapters 2 and 3) for further help in developing your answers.  Do not attempt to guess the answers-you must use the textbook and lecture notes!!  This assignment MUST be typed—NO exceptions.  No folders and no binders, please.  This assignment is worth 50 points.


Question #1: Write an outline of the Constitution by article, section and amendment.  Remember an outline is topical and includes only the main features under each heading or subheading.    (Worth 15 points.)


Question #2: Answer the following 10 parts.  Always include the article and section or the amendment in which the answer is found.  This is worth 34 points (pts), so do a good job!

            a. Name three enumerated (specifically granted) powers of Congress. (4 pts)

            b. How were U.S. Senators originally chosen?  How are they chosen now (since 1913)?

                (3 pts)

            c. Name three prohibitions on the powers of Congress.  Name three prohibitions on the

                powers of the states. (4 pts)

            d. Identify one of each of the following components of the principle of checks and

                balances: (6 pts)

                        1. a power that the executive has over the legislative

                        2. the legislative over the executive

                        3. the executive over the judicial

                        4. the judicial over the executive

                        5. the judicial over the legislative

                        6. the legislative over the judicial

            e. Name three enumerated (specifically granted) powers of the president.  (4 pts)

            f. What is the term of office of the president as it exists today?  What are the procedures

                by which the  Vice-President could constitutionally serve as acting president? (3 pts)

            g. In what kinds of cases does the Supreme Court have original jurisdiction; i.e., the                       Supreme Court does not act as an appellate court? (2 pts)

            h. Explain in your own words the “full faith and credit clause”.  (2 pts)

            i.  Explain in your own words the “supremacy clause”.  (2 pts)

            j. Draw a diagram (with labels) of the procedures for proposing and ratifying

               amendments to the Constitution.  (One method of proposing has been used in all 27  

               amendments, and one method of ratification has been used for 26 amendments.  Find

               out which they are and circle them on your diagram). See page 54 of your text.  (4 pts)


Question #3: Restate the preamble in your own words.  Please be faithful to the preamble’s meaning.  (1 pts)