Have a little fun seeing how well you know a little political trivia!

1. What was the code name of the White House informant who led Washington Post reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward to the cover-up known as Watergate?

                        a. Singapore Sue         c. Deep Throat
                        b. Tokyo Rose            d. China Beach

2. Which of the following was the first president defeated in a re-election bid?
            a. George Washington b. John Adams c. Gerald Ford d. George Bush

3. Which president refused the Congressional Medal of Honor because he felt unworthy to receive it?
                a. Ulysses Grant         b. Woodrow Wilson
                c. Harry Truman        d. Dwight Eisenhower

4. The Naval Academy has graduated one future president. Who?

                a. Franklin Roosevelt         b. Jimmy Carter
                c. John Kennedy               d. George Bush

5. What famous speech of Abraham Lincoln‘s began with these words, “Fourscore and seven years ago?
            a. Declaration of Independence         b. Common Sense
            c. U.S. Constitution                          d. Gettysburg Address

6. What famous document did Thomas Jefferson write in 1776?
            a. Declaration of Independence         b. Common Sense
            c. U.S. Constitution                          d. Gettysburg Address

7. James Madison is known as the father of what famous document?
                a. Declaration of Independence           b. Common Sense
                c. U.S. Constitution                            d. Gettysburg Address

8. Which of the following is the most common first name of the presidents?
              a. William        b. John          c. James           d. Grover

9. Which president served 2 non-consecutive terms?
                        a. Chester Arthur                 b. Teddy Roosevelt
                        c. Grover Cleveland            d. John Tyler

10. Who appointed the most Supreme Court Justices?
                a. George Washington              b. Thomas Jefferson
                c. John Adams                         d. Teddy Roosevelt

11. Who described his wife as his “eyes and ears”?
                        a. Bill Clinton                 b. Franklin Roosevelt
                        c. George Washington   d. John Kennedy

12. Which president was the first born on U.S. soil?
                    a. Thomas Jefferson            b. John Quincy Adams
                    c. John Tyler                       d. Martin Van Buren

13. What official function does the President perform each Christmas?
                        a. Decorates the family tree
                        b. Gives presents to his Cabinet members
                        c. Lights the tree outside the White House
                        d. Reads “The Night Before Christmas” to his staff

14. How is the President elected to office?
                a. By popular vote                 b. By electoral vote
                c. By vote of the Senate        d. By vote of the House of Representatives

15. Who was the President at the end of the Vietnam War?
                    a. Jimmy Carter                 b. Richard Nixon
                    c. Lyndon Johnson            d. Gerald Ford

16. Which president said, “That government governs best which governs least?”
                a. George Washington                 b. George Bush
                c. Ronald Reagan                        d. Thomas Jefferson

17. How many presidents has the United States had?
                a. 40         b. 43         c. 44         d. 46

18. Who said “...let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself...”?
                    a. George Washington                 b. Thomas Jefferson
                    c. Franklin Roosevelt                  d. John Kennedy

19. Who was nicknamed the “Teflon President” and the “Great Communicator”?
                    a. Franklin Roosevelt                    b. John Kennedy
                    c. Richard Nixon                          d. Ronald Reagan

20. Which is the only President to have received a U.S. patent?
                    a. Gerald Ford             b. Abraham Lincoln
                    c. George Bush            d. William Henry Harrison

21. Who was the youngest man to ever become President?
                a. Teddy Roosevelt          b. Bill Clinton
                c. Grover Cleveland        d. John Kennedy

22. Who is the only president to resign from office?
       a. Andrew Johnson         b. James Polk         c. Richard Nixon         d. Benjamin Harrison

23. Which presidents with the same last name were not related?
                a. Andrew Johnson & Lyndon Johnson
                b. John Adams & John Quincy Adams
                c. William Henry Harrison & Benjamin Harrison
                d. Teddy Roosevelt & Franklin Roosevelt
                e. George Bush & George W. Bush

24. Which future president served as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)?
                a. Richard Nixon         b. Ronald Reagan         c. Gerald Ford         d. George Bush

25. Which of the following went on the serve in the U.S. House of Representatives for seventeen years after leaving the Presidency?
                                a. John Adams
                                b. John Quincy Adams
                                c. Lyndon Johnson
                                . Harry Truman

26. Which is the only one to have served as Secretary of State, Vice-President and President in his lifetime?
         a. Thomas Jefferson     b. Teddy Roosevelt        c. John Q. Adams       d. Bill Clinton

27. Which of the following went on to serve as the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court after leaving the presidency?
         a. John Adams         b. Thomas Jefferson         c. William Taft        d. Franklin Roosevelt

28. Which of the following presidents was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?
                    a. Theodore Roosevelt             b. Woodrow Wilson
                    c. Jimmy Carter                       d. All of the above

29. Who received a Pulitzer Prize for writing “Profiles in Courage”?
                a. Woodrow Wilson                         b. Franklin Roosevelt
                c. John Kennedy                              d. Richard Nixon

30. How many presidents are not buried in the United States?
    Bonus: Can you name them?
                        a. None           b. 4             c. 5             d. 6