Political Science 19 Honors Assignment
Due date: One week before the final

Guidelines:  The purpose of this term paper is three-fold: to develop your research skills, your writing skills, and lastly, to demonstrate your understanding of women active in the political arena.  The length of the paper should range from 8 to 15 (max!) pages.  Keep in mind that length does not guarantee a good grade, however, some topics may require a longer essay in order to complete the assignment. 
            The paper is worth one hundred points, so spend some quality time on it.  The paper should be typewritten and double-spaced using excellent grammar and spelling (use those spell- and grammar-checks!).  Do proofread the paper!  There are several style manuals (Chicago, MLA, etc) available in the Library and Bookstore that will be of great service to you as you develop your writing skills.  In addition, your paper should include a title page, page numbers, citations, and a bibliography.  A good bibliography will have at least three books listed.  Periodicals, Internet articles and newspaper articles can be good additions, but not replacements for, to your list of books. Wikipedia, as all encyclopedias, is NOT acceptable as a resource, so use of it by any student will result in a greatly reduced grade.

Assignment is as follows:                    
            Your textbook Feminist Theory is a collection of essays that attempt to describe, explain, and analyze the conditions of women and feminism.  Your assignment is to write your own 21st century theory of feminism, as a continuation of what your textbook accomplishes.  You will need to define and construct your theory of feminism and describe/explain how it may be applied to our civil society, ie, how does it apply to politics, education, economics, sexuality/reproduction, environment, religion, etc?

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