Women's Pursuits

Who was she?

1. The first woman appointed by a U.S. President to the Cabinet?

2. The first woman candidate for the U.S. Presidency?

3. The author of the Battle Hymn of the Republic?

4. The Mother of the Civil Rights Movement?

5. The two women who fought to keep the word "male" out of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?

6. Author of the Equal Rights Amendment?

7. The first women to keynote a national convention of any political party? (Hint: it happened in 1972). 

8. Harry Truman considered this woman as a potential running mate in 1948?

9. The first women appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

10. The first African-American woman to run for the U.S. Presidency.

11. The first woman to serve in the U.S. Senate.

12. The first woman to be elected to the U.S. Senate. 

13. The first African-American woman in the U.S. Senate. 

14. The first woman elected to Congress.

15. The first Latina in Congress.

16. The first women sworn in as state Governors. 

17. The first woman elected as Governor.


Choose the correct answer: (2005 figures)

1. The number of women serving in Congress (both House and Senate):
    a. 98    b. 31    c. 63   d. 74

2. How many of those female Members of Congress are Senators?
    a. 9      b. 14    c. 2     d. 25

3. How many female governors are there in the U.S.?
   a. 25     b. 9      c. 10   d. 3

True or False?

1. No African-American woman served in Congress prior to the late 1960ís.

2. The gender gap in political attitudes that exists between women and men in the general
population is also evident between women and men in elected office.

3. Most women legislators have as much or more political experience as their male counterparts.

Bonus Questions:

Which major political party, in 1940, became the first to endorse the Equal Rights Amendment in its platform?

The first nation to give women the right to vote.

The first U.S. state to give women the right to vote (prior to the 19th Amendment).

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