Term Paper Assignment for Poli Sci 37

Political Sociology, Spring 2009

Due Date: Two (2) weeks before the final.

Total possible points: 100 points

Topic: You will research one of the following topics: any single interest group, professional association, corporation, union/labor group, think tank, political action committee (PAC), or a political party.  For example: the NRA, AIPAC, Sierra Club, AMA, Teamsters, Enron, Walmart, GM, the GOP, Democrats, Green Party, or any PAC (in-house or independent) representing any organization. Your paper will discuss the following required elements: the background or history of the group, what their current role/agenda/goals are for our society, and their overall social, economic, and political influence in our society. Identify their successes and their failures as well.

Instructions:  The term paper must be typed, double-spaced, 12 or 14 font size. The length of the paper should be between 8 and 12 pages. Since this is a research paper, a bibliography must be included.  A standard, acceptable bibliography will include at least 3-4 listings, NONE of which can be the textbooks you are using in this class. Works cited should include at least 2 hard/soft-bound books (found in any good library).  Journals, newspapers, and films may also be listed. Feel free to use our campus library, or the libraries at CSUN and UCLA.

Online, internet sources are acceptable, except for Wikipedia.  The use of Wikipedia in any way will reduce your grade at least by 50%!  Wikipedia is a website that is largely unreliable and non-academic and WILL NOT ENHANCE YOUR ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE.  REMEMBER—YOU ARE HERE TO DO SERIOUS RESEARCH!!!

For instructions on how to format your paper and bibliography, please refer to the several style manuals (such as the Chicago Manual, or the MLA manual) that are available in the library and bookstore. Finally, please proofread your paper for spelling and grammatical errors.  I will be grading more on content that grammar/spelling, however, too many typos will have a negative impact on your overall grade.