Marjorie Hoskinson
English Professor

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Be aware that the class syllabus is only a general outline; dates and requirements may change as the semester progresses. I will continue to update this page in the event of changes, and when all else fails, you can email me or come to class and ask.

Marjorie Hoskinson has been an English and Humanities teacher at LA Pierce College for over three decades.  During that time, she has taught reading and composition classes and various literature classes: mythology, science fiction, children's literature, women's literature  and Humanities 11, 12, 13, 14, the Humanities Core Curriculum.   In Fall, she offers the mythology class, and in Spring she offers the children's literature class. In conjunction with these or any of her other classes, she will offer 1 unit Independent Studies. Email her if you are interested in any classes that are otherwise unavailable at


What a butterfly! Let your essays be as graceful as this creature flying away from my hat.