View of Professor Le Barbu in a garden in Monaco 
In a garden in Monaco
Anne Le Barbu
Assistant Professor of French
(818) 710-2257
No knowledge of French is necessary!
If you are interested in the French and francophone world, and if you love French culture, this club is for you!
Summer 2016 Study Abroad Program in Paris with East Los Angeles College and LA City College:

Why Study French?

The study of any foreign language increases our intercultural sensitivity, helping us understand other societies and making us more aware and respectful of the diverse cultures within our own society.

It also increases our native language ability, by making us reflect on the structure and uniqueness of our own language. In addition, knowledge of a foreign language makes travel abroad easier, and often leads to an increased appreciation of world literature, music and film.

Finally, speaking one or more foreign languages improves our chances at employment: we live in a global society, where mobility and communications keep bringing diverse populations together.

Multiple government agencies, the travel industry, engineering, communications, education, international law, economics, public policy, publishing, advertising, entertainment, scientific research, and a broad array of service sectors all have needs for people with foreign language skills.

Even if you are not looking for a job where knowledge of a foreign language is required, the very fact that you have studied French (or any other foreign language) shows your potential employer that you are:
~ Not afraid of a challenge

~ Open to new experiences

~ Able to organize and memorize a lot of complex information

~ Interested in exploring other cultures

~ Willing to work hard, take risks and persevere

Studying French will definitely improve your English vocabulary since there are so many French words in the English language (French is the largest donor of foreign words in English).
In addition, French is a highly influential language in the world since it touches so many areas of what is considered "culture": this includes literature, art, cuisine, dance, film, and fashion. France has won more Nobel Prizes for literature than any other country in the world, and is one of the top producers of international films. Knowing French will help your general culture!

There are many reasons for learning French, but here is a selection of the most important ones:

~ French is the foreign language spoken by our largest trading partner (Canada). The province of Quebec alone is the sixth largest trading partner of the United States.

~ France is a world leader in several areas of scientific and technological research: high energy physics, medical research and genetics, telecommunications, airplane and high speed train innovator and builder.

~ French is spoken on five continents, with 28 countries using French as their official language.

For more information, see Richard
Shryock's article: "Why Study French?"
View of Paris with Eiffel Tower
                                                Looking at the Eiffel Tower from across the Seine River