"He taughte, but first he folwed it hymselve"

Geoffrey Chaucer

c. 1400

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About Me

Spring 2009 was my first year here at Pierce and I am excited as ever. I am enthusiastic about physics and a dedicated teacher. My students mean the world to me and I always hope that together we can learn a bit more, gain a better understanding of physics, and develop the skills we need for the future.

I am an astro-particle theorist with strong interests in Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the origin and evolution of our Universe. I have written papers on the gravity wave signature of collapsing stars, the interactions of possible dark matter candidate in neutron stars, and the decay of the fabric of the universe. I have also been involved in studies for the upcoming Large Hadron Collider and I have written a paper on visualizing General Relativity.

I am also an avid (if novice) sailor and enjoy most activities as long as the company is good. So if you want to talk physics, learn how the world may end, or just find out which way the wind is blowing, drop by any time.



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