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"Save the pika!"

2009 T. Low
Tesi Low
Life Science Dept.
Adding a course

Before the semester begins, you can add online if a space becomes available. If no classes have spaces available, you can add your name to a wait list.
Once the semester begins, please attend the first class meeting on time to put your name on a wait list.

Please be aware that your transcripts must be on file with the Counseling Center and you must meet all prerequisites by the first class meeting.
For students who wish to add microbiology, I highly recommend taking physiology BEFORE taking microbiology. Don't try to enroll in both at the same time; it is too much for most students.
Grade issues: See the syllabus (class information document) for grading policies.  If you think there is an error in your grade, follow the instructions in the syllabus. Grades may not be changed without a meeting with the instructor during the following semester.



Some Admissions and Records recommendations for the first day of class:
  • Bring a printed copy of your class schedule to class ( or proof of your spot on the wait list)
  • Be sure to pay all your fees on time
  • Be aware that if you are dropped by the Admissions & Records office for any reason, and you still want to take the class, you will have to put your name at the end of the wait list
  • Make sure you have met all the prerequisites ( see the college catalog) and that the Counseling Center has your transcripts
Website accessibility
  • Please contact the instructor if you need the materials on this website in a specific electronic format. Materials on this website are for students currently enrolled in Microbiology 1 or Microbiology 20.

Student success tips
  • Make vocabulary lists and flashcards.
  • Answer lots of practice questions without looking at your notes.
  • Do practice and graded quizzes on Canvas, an online class resource.
  • Ask me about concept mapping and outlining notes. I'll be happy to go over these techniques with you.
  • Plan to study about an hour a day in a quiet place without distractions.
  • Be patient with yourself.  It takes time to learn a new subject. 
  • Scroll down and use the links below to access tutorials, video games, and other study tools for biology and microbiology.
  • Use the link on the left to go to the Adobe site.  Download a free copy of the Adobe reader software. 
  • If the pdf document opens in the web browser on a PC, you should see a print icon near the top of the document.
  • If the pdf document opens in the web browser on a Mac, you can try holding the "shift" key while clicking on the document name ( not on the text of the document). This should open up a new browser window with just the pdf document.
  • VERY IMPORTANT! Documents on this website may not display properly on mobile devices (tablets, smartphones). The library has free computers for student use.
Biology and microbiology websites
Science Friday website (videos, podcasts)
Cell biology animations by John Kyrk
Immune responses game on Nobel Prize website
Microbe World from ASM
Unseen Life on Earth: Introduction to Microbiology