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Teaching Assignments (Schedule of classes)

Spring 2012 tentative Assignments or Schedule of Classes
Summer 2012 tentative Assignments
Fall 2012 Tentative Assignments
No Winter 2012 session is planned

Required breaks for class meetings lasting more than one hour
Required office hours for adjuncts and for full-time faculty

Course Outlines (CORs) and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

SLO teams and instructions for instructors

Materials and Resources for Math 115 Instructors Fall 2011
Math 115 Instructor SLO information

Math Exit Test (MET)

The MET is the name of the SLO assessment instruments used for Math 115 and Math 125 at Pierce.  The MET is NOT intended as a gateway exam--each individual instructor determines the weight of the exam in determining students course grades.

Sample Math 115 MET questions
Sample Math 125 MET questions
Math 115 Instructor SLO information


Recommended Math Department Textbooks
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Other links and resources

Math department webpage
Department meeting agendas and minutes
Teaching Math at Pierce:  tinyurl.com/piercemath (info about syllabi, keys, paperwork, etc.)
Math Study Skills Booklet
Clickers Tutorial with video
MAA Illustrative Resources for CUPM Guide ‘04
AMATYC Teaching Standards
MAP Videos
Jing (Ben Smith's handout) and video