L.A. Pierce College Mathematics Course Outlines

These are short versions (pgs. 1 4) that should satisfy the needs of instructors and students.   

Math 105 COR

Math 110 COR

Math 112 COR

Math 115 COR

Math 120 COR

Math 125 COR

Math 215 COR

Math 227 COR

Math 238 COR

Math 240 COR

Math 245 COR

Math 260 COR

Math 261 COR

Math 262 COR

Math 263 COR

Math 270 COR

Math 275 COR


The unofficial Student Learning Outcomes or SLOs are available from this link

Official versions of CORs and SLOs are on the District's Electronic Curriculum Development (ECD) menu.

From the ECD website,


Click on Find a Course

  • Select Pierce for the Campus
  • Select Math-Mathematics for Subject Name
  • Select an appropriate Course Number (or leave blank)
  • Leave Status as Active
  • Click on View Results

At the far right, click on the “Click Here” link to view the COR.

  • There are 8 Sections that you access via the 8 tabs at the top.
  • Section II Course Content and Objectives includes the content information previously posted on the chair's website
  • Section VIII Addendum Documents includes the downloadable Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) document.