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Student Services
The first major building to be built "ground-up" on campus is the Student Services Building. 
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The two-acre Botanical Garden provides both a serene
gathering place and an outdoor learning laboratory.

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The Child Development Center can accommodate 140 children.
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The Library/Learning Crossroads Building opened in Spring 2013.


Pierce College Citizens' Committee

Much of our campus is currently undergoing new construction or renovation designed to modernize our facilities. 

Students, faculty, and staff have been experiencing something previously rare at Pierce College: the noise, dust, and disruption that accompany all construction. Rarely spotted in the last few decades, workers in hard hats, construction equipment, safety fencing, and stockpiles of building materials are now welcome sights on campus. 

All of us at Pierce appreciate any small discomforts that may be present as the end product is well worth it: a modern Pierce College that will ensure our students realize their educational goals.

This renewal has been supported by the generosity of the voters in approving three bond measures now funding the modernization of our campus: Proposition A (2001), Proposition AA (2003), and Measure J (2008).

The Pierce College Citizens' Committee was established to advise the campus and the LACCD Oversight Committee regarding the expenditure of bond revenues on the projects authorized by each voter-approved ballot measure. 

The Pierce Committee is comprised of a diverse group of business, community, and education leaders. Committee meetings are convened monthly.

On these pages, you will find information regarding the oversight committee: names and affiliations of the current members, the committee meeting schedule, agendas, and approved minutes. Information regarding many of the exciting bond projects is also included throughout these webpages.

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Interested in the progress of projects at Pierce College or other LACCD campuses?  Please click here to view informative “dashboard’ reports

The District Citizens Oversight Committee has issued a comprehensive 2010-11 Annual Report. Click here to review their findings.

Please take a few minutes to also view the LACCD District Committee's "First Quarter 2010 Video Report" on projects at all nine colleges, including Pierce. Click here to enjoy.



An eye-catching planetarium dome is among the highlights of the Center for the Sciences building.  This photo was taken during construction.

Click here to a video presentation of the completed Science Center.

To experience a “fly-thru” of the Sciences Building, click here

M&O facility

This rendering depicts the recently completed Maintenance and Operations facility.