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Overview of Race and Hispanic Origin: 2010 US Census Brief 

Use of the Spanish Language in the United States: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities. ERIC Digest.

Estados Unidos: presente y futuro del espaƱol (Carmen Caffarel Serra, Instituto Cervantes)
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About Spanish 37

Spanish 37 continues the emphasis on language proficiency with a focus on academic writing and formal presentational skills. Students work with authentic texts and practice description, narration, exposition, and argumentation. Spanish 37 is best suited for Spanish speakers who wish to expand their language skills in the context of themes, topics, and the literary and cultural production of the US Latino population.


Potowski, Kim. Conversaciones escritas 2e (Wiley, 2017). ISBN: 9781118744864.

Spanish 37 in your Educational Plan

Spanish 37 counts for the following degrees: Spanish AA, Spanish AA-T, and General Studies AA: Arts and Humanities.

It also counts towards the CSU-GE Breadth Certificate in Area C2 (Humanities), and IGETC Areas 6A (Languages Other than English), 3B (Humanities), and 4 (Social Sciences).

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Additional Placement Guidelines

Spanish 35: This course has been designed for bilingual students who can speak Spanish with ease in everyday situations but need to learn correct Spanish spelling and need to practice reading and writing in Spanish. Spanish 35 does not have any pre-requisites, but students who enroll in Spanish 35 should have at least intermediate-level oral proficiency in Spanish. Spanish 35 focuses on a variety of Spanish language arts strategies, such as vocabulary building, spelling, and writing strategies that address issues of bilingualism and English transfer. Spanish 35 fulfills the Humanities Area C2 requirement for the CSU-GE Breath Certificate and Areas 6A and 3B for the IGETC Certificate requirements. Pre-requisite: None.

Spanish 36: This course builds on the knowledge acquired in Spanish 35 and focuses on more complex grammar while continuing to practice vocabulary building, reading, and writing. The content and scope of Spanish 36 is similar to Spanish 3. After completion of Spanish 36, the bilingual student is prepared to do work in Spanish 4. Spanish 35 fulfills the Humanities Area C2 requirement for the CSU-GE Breath Certificate and Areas 6A and 3B requirements for the IGETC Certificate. Pre-requisite: Spanish 35.

Spanish 35 = Spanish 1 and 2

Spanish 36 = Spanish 3

Spanish 35 is equivalent to college-level Spanish 1 and 2. If you have already taken Spanish 2 and consider yourself fairly bilingual, you should consider enrolling in Spanish 36, which is equivalent to Spanish 3 but focused on the needs of the bilingual student. You will only receive credit for EITHER Spanish 2 OR Spanish 35, but not for both. The same criteria apply to Spanish 36 in relation to Spanish 3.

Spanish 1 and 2: Spanish 1 and its sequence, Spanish 2, have been designed for the non-Spanish speaking student. Spanish 1 assumes no knowledge (or a long-forgotten knowledge) of Spanish and is focused on teaching basic oral communication skills and grammar (present and preterite verb tenses). Spanish 2 assumes the skills and knowledge acquired in Spanish 1 or comparable knowledge acquired in two years of high school Spanish classes and offers an overview of the complete Spanish verbal system.

Bilingual students who have taken two semesters of college Spanish courses and have a C or better should enroll in Spanish 4 or Spanish 37, Advanced Composition and Conversation for Spanish Speakers. Please consult with the instructor.

Spanish 4: Spanish 4 is designed for Spanish majors, students who have completed Spanish 3 or Spanish 36 or the equivalent with a C or better, fluent speakers who seek to improve their writing, reading and critical thinking skills, and students majoring in International Business, Nursing, Child Development or other areas that require fluency in reading, writing, and speaking Spanish. This course is comparable in content to Spanish 37 but it focuses on the fundamentals of literary analysis and advanced grammar.

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