"Anything is possible if you teach 

children to think"

(c) 1987 Marilyn Robb
Denise Robb, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Political Science

Dear Students,
Welcome to my webpage.  I teach various political science courses such as Political Science 1 (American Government), Political Science 19 (Women in Politics) and Political Science 30 (Political Process).

AA Transfer Degree in Political Science

Since 2014 we now offer an AAT (Transfer AA degree) in Political Science for Cal State transferees.  Once you have this degree you should be able to enter Cal State as a junior with priority enrollment toward your BA in Political Science.  See me for more information and a brochure. 
Political Internship

I also have many opportunities for a political internship as well as a judicial internship program.  See me at the end of each semester to sign up for the following semester.  

Marilyn and Stewart Robb Memorial Scholarship

In the Spring of each year, we intend to continue offering a scholarship to a student who has taken or is currently enrolled in a poli sci course.  See me for details.

We also occasionally offer scholarships in the Fall.  See me and see the links on this page. Also, go to piercecollege.edu click on Foundation then Scholarships in the spring of each year to see what's available.

My job is to enlighten and inspire you.  Politics is so important that even if you choose not to be involved with it - it will have an effect on you.  Join me and together we can change the world!  Or at least have some fun learning about it.  
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