Bruce M. Rowe
Emeritus Professor of
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Bruce M. Rowe 

Los Angeles Pierce College

        Bruce M. Rowe is  Emeritus Professor of Anthropology at Los Angeles Pierce College, where he has taught since 1970. His first teaching job was at Los Angeles Valley College in 1969.  In addition to teaching physical and cultural anthropology courses, he teaches sociology and linguistics classes.  
       He has coauthored eleven editions of PhysicalAnthropology and two editions of Physical Anthropology: The Core and other books dealing with physical anthropology (all with Philip L. Stein). Professor Rowe also has authored four editions of The College Survival Guide: Hints and References to Aid College Students and The College Awareness Guide: What Students Need to Know to Succeed in College.  He is also the coauthor of  three editions of A Concise Introduction to Linguistics (with Diane P. Levine) and has contributed to two editions of Strategies in Teaching Anthropology. Professor Rowe has received numerous awards for teaching. He is a fellow of the American Anthropological Association and a member of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists and the Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges. His main hobby is painting.