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The Pierce College Faculty Association is continuing its annual dues campaign for this academic year. Please contribute. Individually, your contribution is small (only $40). Collectively, the dues allow us to pursue several worthy projects:


  • The Student Awards Brunch honoring students for individual achievement of academic excellence. Last year's brunch was the best ever and we'd like to be able to fund this year’s the same way.
  • The Faculty Awards Gala honoring the Teacher of the Year, faculty advancing in academic rank, colleagues retiring from service, and those celebrating "5–year" service anniversaries.
    • Paying your dues will get you one ticket for the Gala.
    • You can buy additional tickets for guest at $15 each
  • STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS—Each year several scholarships are given to deserving students.
    • Faculty Association Scholarships
    • Al Frolich Memorial Scholarship Fund
    • Phil Brotherton Memorial Fund
    • Anthropology Scholarship Fund
    • Philosophy/Sociology Scholarship Fund
    • Sheron Levick Memorial Scholarship Fund

      Please continue your generosity and designate an additional amount below for the scholarship fund

You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay your dues or make scholarship contributions. All you need is a bank account or credit card.

1. Faculty Association Dues are $40/academic year.

2. Additional Faculty Association Support for our activities.
Additional Academic Support
3. Please Donate to the Faculty Association Scholarship Fund. Your generosity will be appreciated by our graduating students.
Faculty Association Scholarship
4. Please Donate to the Sharon Levick Memorial Fund for Political Science Graduates.
Sheron Levick Memorial Scholarship
5. Please Donate to the Al Frolich Memorial Fund for Physics Graduates.
Al Frolich Memorial Scholarship
6. Please Donate to the Anthropology Scholarship Fund for Anthropology Major Graduates.
Anthropology Scholarship
7. Please buy your Tickets for the Student Awards Brunch.
Brunch Tickets
8. Please buy your Dinner tickets for Non-Faculty Guests for the Gala.
Gala Dinner Tickets

9. Staff - Please buy your Dinner tickets for the Gala.
Gala Dinner Tickets

last update: May, 2015