Philip L Stein

Professor of Anthropology Emeritus

FALL 2017

Anthropology 101
Anthropology 121
Anthropology 101 Online 
Anthropology 121Online

There is a required Orientation that must be completed no later than the end of the first week of classes. Students who fail to complete the Orientation will be dropped from the class. The Orientation should be available a few weeks before the beginning of the semester. 

Information about the Spring 2017 Classes

Students who have successfully enrolled need to read the notice to the right.

The Nature of On-Line Classes
The computer and the Internet have had a profound influence on the way we live our lives. This includes education. the on-line educational experience can be a good one, but it can also end up being a disaster. Here are some things that you need to ponder before you decide whether or not you want to enroll in this course.

Many students enroll in on-line classes because they believe that it is an easy way to complete a class with a good grade. This is not always the case. In this on-line course you will probably end up putting in as much time, or even more time, as you would if you took a regular in-person course.

     However, there are many advantages to an on-line course. First, you can work at your own pace, at least within defined periods of time. You will have one week to complete each lesson, but how much time you take to do this will vary. Second, you can sign onto the web site at any time, 24/7. I am very much a morning person and like to teach 8:00 a.m. classes. But many students are not functioning at their best at that hour, but prefer to study late at night. Others work nontraditional hours and want to do their course work at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. Or parents with a young child may like to work during their child's nap. You control the day and time, except you have to meet the deadlines. Finally, many students have different learning styles. Some thrive in a lecture environment and learn best when listening to an instructor and taking notes. Others learn best in a self-paced computer-learning environment. This class is a good fit for the latter kind of student.

     The most important requirement of being successful in an on-line class is that you have to be self-disciplined, which many students find difficult. There will be no instructor looking over your shoulder pushing you along. In an on-line class it is very easy to get involved with other parts of your life and simply forget to do the week's work. This is why more students drop out of on-line classes than out of on-campus classes.

     Enrollment in this class is very limited. Please do not take up a place in the class unless you are sure that you have the time and motivation to work in this environment. You may certainly drop out part way through the semester, but then you have taken up a place that could have been occupied by someone else who needs the class and could not get in.