"Believe in Yourself!."

- Walsh



Associate Professor of History


The Center for Academic Success (CAS)

Location: Library/Crossroads

Contact Information: lcsuccess@piercecollege.edu or   (818) 719-6414

Special Services

Location: Student Services Building

Contact Information: special_services@piercecollege.edu

(818) 719-6430

Student Health Center

Location: Student Services Building


Location: Library/Crossroads

Contact Information:

Circulation Desk - (818) 719-6409

Reference Desk - (818) 710-2833

Periodicals Desk - (818) 719-6410

Class Participation:

Students are required to participate in the online component of the course on canvas:  Participate in at least ten different forums for ten percent (10%) of your semester grade.


Written Assignment:

A written assignment of 5-10 pages is required of all students.  Students will choose a primary source and inform me of your choice by the deadline stated in the syllabus.  Upon approval, students will write a paper that analyzes the origins of this document along with its historical importance.  Late and emailed assignments will not be accepted.


Academic Integrity:

Cheating will not be tolerated.  Any student caught cheating will receive a zero grade for the assignment and certain intervention from the college administration.  There are no honest mistakes when it comes to academic integrity.  Passing off someone else’s work, whether a classmate, author, scholar or yourself from a previous class is a clear violation of this policy.  I expect original work written during this semester.