"Believe in Yourself!."

- Walsh



Associate Professor of History


The Center for Academic Success (CAS) - The CAS is dedicated to empowering students to achieve academic success. We believe educational programs and services should cater to multiple learning styles, and all people deserve access to an atmosphere of respect, openness and trust. We are committed to helping students in need of academic support to meet their individual goals, regardless of age, gender, race, or physical ability.

Location: Library/Crossroads

For questions/comments:    lcsuccess@piercecollege.edu or   (818) 719-6414

Class Participation:

Students are required to participate in the online component of the course on canvas:  Participate in at least ten different forums for ten percent (10%) of your semester grade.


Written Assignment:

A written assignment of 5-10 pages is required of all students.  Students will choose a primary source and inform me of your choice by the deadline stated in the syllabus.  Upon approval, students will write a paper that analyzes the origins of this document along with its historical importance.  Late and emailed assignments will not be accepted.


Academic Integrity:

Cheating will not be tolerated.  Any student caught cheating will receive a zero grade for the assignment and certain intervention from the college administration.  There are no honest mistakes when it comes to academic integrity.  Passing off someone else’s work, whether a classmate, author, scholar or yourself from a previous class is a clear violation of this policy.  I expect original work written during this semester.